Patricia resolved urgent staffing needs, reduced stress and saved time and money delegating her technical needs and automating processes for her course membership website.


Patricia Charpentier, Founder of WritingYourLife.org and LifeWriters.us, has made it her mission to give both aspiring and accomplished writers all the tools and knowledge they need to leave a meaningful legacy that inspires future generations to do the same.

When I was in my twenties, my mother handed me a copy of our family tree that dated back to 1648 when my ancestors came from France to settle in an area known as “Acadie,” now Nova Scotia. “That’s nice,” I replied and put the papers away in a drawer.

In a move some twenty years later, I came across the yellowed sheets held together by a rusty staple. Looking at the names and tracing the path down to my own name, I now longed to know more about the people whose births, marriages, and deaths were listed before me.

Unfortunately, by that time, all those who held pieces of our family story were long gone. I missed my opportunity. My ancestors’ stories died with them.

Since 1999, I’ve devoted much time and effort to helping others avoid the mistake I made, assisting them in preserving their stories for themselves and their families.

Patricia Charpentier, Founder of WritingYourLife.org and Lifewriters.us


Some of the software running Lifewriters.us was cumbersome and other developers had recommended replacing it, but it wasn’t a good time with multiple staffing changes, a new season of students about to start, and upcoming travel. Patricia needed someone who could take the bull by the horns and mark it done working with what she had.

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With two membership websites full of awesome courses, resources and multiple meetings each week, Patricia and her team were spending considerable time handling the technical details to keep her operations running smoothly. They were paying a freelance developer to handle the bigger tasks and handling the many smaller ones themselves to save money.

When that developer moved on to a full-time job, they worked with another developer to redesign their homepage, with some hiccups along the way. At the same time, there were other staffing changes, and Patricia was about to begin a new 4 month session of students, which meant lots on her plate.

Frustrated and overwhelmed, Patricia hired Mark It Done’s parent company, 2410 Web Design, to finish the homepage redesign and take care of a list of long overdue tasks before the new session started.


After finishing the homepage on deadline, we also redesigned the other pages on Lifewriters.us to match the new homepage. To resolve some frustration from an unintuitive interface and outdated, clunky forum plugins, we replaced her forum and added some custom design and functionality features that match the needs of her audience.

Patricia opted for a couple Strategy Sessions to find more ways to save time and stress, which resulted in migrating her subscriptions from Stripe to PayPal and automating the entire user journey – from registration to payment to adding users to her CRM to allowing users to downgrade or cancel on their own. This freed Patricia up to spend more time focusing on what she loves doing and to travel the world for a month, knowing her website was in good hands!

After the major redesign, forum replacement and automation tasks were complete, Patricia opted for Mark It Done’s 24/7  Support Plan to have a full team of WordPress developers always on call for whatever new content updates, design tweaks, or small features she wants to add to her site.


Patricia came to us initially just needing a homepage redesign to be finished after things were falling through the cracks. Two months later, we redesigned not just the homepage, but most of the other pages on the site, replaced her forum, automated her membership website processes, simplified her email outreach efforts, had multiple Strategy Sessions to brainstorm solutions, and handled over 30 other tasks for her!

The best part? ALL of this cost her less than the original unfinished homepage design that she brought to us in desperation. Now Patricia’s enjoying world travel and spending more time with her clients who are all making a difference in the world in their own way thanks to Lifewriters.us.

You are an answer to prayer. I feel like I’m back in control of my site now. Thank you. You are the bomb!

Patricia Charpentier, Founder of WritingYourLife.org and LifeWriters.us