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In under 5 minutes, you can set up your account and send your first email. Invite your friends, clients, or business acquaintances to offload their technical needs and have more time for what matters most to them. We even provide the email verbiage and PDFs with information about our services.


Recurring Commissions: Earn for every month your referral is active with us

Tiered Commissions: Get paid more for referring more at certain thresholds

Exclusive Discounts: Incentivize your referrals to get started with a promo code

how our partnerships work

We’re a fellow dev agency looking for partners who are interested in outsourcing their ongoing maintenance & unlimited support to our 24/7/365 full stack dev team. Our plans are competitively affordable, and you earn commissions or profit (passive income!) for barely doing anything except referring or signing up your clients. We even provide the marketing materials or help with leads & sales, if needed.

Many partners use our unlimited support plans to increase their profit by selling support plans with limited support hours (typically 3-12 per month), and charging clients an hourly fee for every hour beyond that, which becomes 100% profit to you since you have unlimited support hours with us for a flat rate! This works best with white labeling our plans, where your clients don’t know we exist & we function as part of your team.

Our turnaround times range from a few hours (White Glove) to a few days (VIP), averaging 8 hour turnarounds, for unlimited 30 minute tasks, including coding tweaks (most competitors don’t offer that). Most larger tasks can be broken down into smaller 30 minute tasks to be eligible. If not, our average fee for larger tasks is just $99.

We can also help with hosting, site builds/dedicated devs, SEO, speed optimization, security repair, privacy compliance, and strategy sessions or certified business coaching. It’s our mission to see you and your clients grow while reaching and continually expanding your goals, all while saving time, money and stress. Learn more about our services here.

There are 3 ways to use our services, and it’s super simple to start. Just sign up as a partner below, choose the right plan for each client, and then your clients email their requests & you’re copied on our responses to them.

The earnings below assume that you sell our plans for the same price we charge, but you can earn even more if you sell the plans for a higher fee than our retail fees.

1) REFER (20% commission; Earn $20-100+/mo per site) Refer friends, colleagues, or strangers for recurring commission and never do anything more. No technical expertise needed.

2) PARTNER (25% discount; Earn $25-125+/mo per site) Partner with us, so we handle your client’s tasks, but you’re still involved in communicating with your clients.

3) WHITE LABEL (30% discount; Earn $30-150+/mo per site) White label our plans & sell them as your own; we handle the tasks and communicate with your clients as if we’re part of your team, copying you & using an email

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